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  1. Elsewhere, meanwhile, on the street, in the stands, in the Jets'locker room, optimism for this team, while not altogether unloosed, is straining at the leash.
  2. People living near active mines are especially vulnerable to pollution; even subtle shifts in rock formations can unloose new contaminants into the aquifers that supply well water, or even destroy the aquifers.
  3. It was as if once a gameshow was unloosed in primetime to became the most successful program on TV, everything was up for grabs . ( Jubera, Atlanta Journal-Constitution ).
  4. That requirement was imposed as a shield against the flood of refugees that Col . Moammar Gadhafi of Libya threatened to unloose in September 1995 when he began expelling tens of thousands of Palestinian workers.
  5. The language unloosed by Pryor from the 1960s through the 1980s was an outrageous, unholy signal that nothing was off-limits : now we were going to talk _ for the first time.
  6. The language unloosed by Pryor from the'60s through the'80s was an outrageous, unholy signal that nothing was off limits : now we were going to talk _ for the first time.
  7. With his ponytail unloosed and his great gray beard, he looks for all the world like Mr . Natural, the character cartoonist Robert Crumb invented in the late 1960s to symbolize a certain buoyant skepticism.
  8. From these cloud-snagging heights, Hughes'memory is unloosed, and out pour vivid vignettes of half a lifetime combing Olympic National Park's backcountry for the missing, the injured, the dead.
  9. But at five minutes after noon, an Israeli warplane streaking overhead unloosed a sonic boom, and soon thuds were heard and puffs of smoke began to rise as Israeli gunners trained their sights on the nearby hills.
  10. Gerald Brennan observed this in his classic South from Granada : " A mysterious change comes over Spaniards in the presence of death . . . as if their own death instincts had been unloosed and given vicarious satisfaction.
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