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  1. Tropical Storm Alberto, whose remnants unloosed record rains and raging floodwaters on parts of Georgia in the last few days, is a classic case.
  2. Charlton Heston was elected president of the National Rifle Association, and the national media promptly unloosed a cannonade of antigun, antigun-owner rhetoric.
  3. The dogs are the department's primary defense against foods from abroad that can unloose disease, pests and blights, threatening agriculture and health.
  4. American military officials said the glass had broken as a wave of pressure unloosed by the bomb passed through the compound, shattering windows and toppling furniture.
  5. They're alive today because World Cup soccer has, perchance, the silliest, and yet the fairest, method of unloosing knots in sports.
  6. In some regions, huge hopes have arisen that the coming confrontation will somehow also unloose solutions to a few of the most deadly and dangerous longstanding crises.
  7. But hundreds of self-described anarchists and revolutionaries also stormed police positions, unloosing a hail of rocks, sand-filled soda bottles, and flaming debris.
  8. After the pope absolved Foliot's excommunication in early 1170, Becket exclaimed to a cardinal that " Satan is unloosed for the destruction of the Church ".
  9. Despite the tropical storms and hurricanes which abound in this part of the world, the extension has successfully withstood the most violent attacks which the ruthless fury of nature can unloose.
  10. He also unloosed his long arms on Reggie Miller's final shot and got a piece of the 3-pointer that clanked off the rim in the final tick of overtime.
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