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  1. At one point he unloosed 196 words in a 40 second riff _ 4.9 words a second!
  2. The handling of the Foster nomination has unloosed political forces that the White House may not be able to contain.
  3. Despite his sin, and all the suffering it unloosed, David will remain the model of the Messianic king.
  4. Once again, NATO is on the verge of unloosing bombs on Serbian positions as yet another deadline is reached.
  5. "It is a new terror that Saddam's followers have unloosed on our poor land ."
  6. Or is the Republican governor, as supporters say, leading the charge to conservative government and family values unloosed throughout the country?
  7. All 40, 000 Lebanese University students have been forced outside since the Israeli campaign unloosed the flood of refugees from the south.
  8. This week's decision to open a tunnel abutting its holiest Muslim shrine was the spark that unloosed the Palestinians'frustrations.
  9. In turn, the thoroughbred world is getting the opportunity to see an unorthodox horseman unloose precocious and professional young horses on the racetrack.
  10. An incredible blond woman crosses suburban America unloosing nice women's dirty pasts, helping them exhale by showing them how to inhale.
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