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  1. A major reason for the shocking toll guns take is their ubiquity.
  2. The problem of passivity is partly counteracted by the boon of ubiquity.
  3. Instant messaging and online chat are well on their way to ubiquity.
  4. Cantor's work established the ubiquity of transcendental numbers.
  5. With the ubiquity of the internet this wider meaning has become redundant.
  6. Specifically an ignorance of RFC 1918 and it's growing ubiquity.
  7. Perhaps popularity itself helps propel certain colours'continued ubiquity.
  8. The ubiquity faded after that as moderates became more numerous.
  9. However, its ubiquity is not limited to pure mathematics.
  10. Lasers got a couple of votes, for their ubiquity and potential power.
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