turn tail in a sentence

turn tail meaning in Hindi


  1. I think these folks will turn tail and go home.
  2. But the top dogs in the coalition of Democratic moderates and conservatives wouldn't turn tail.
  3. "If we turn tail and go south, it'll hurt.
  4. "It's not time to turn tail and run ."
  5. The dogs battle until one turns tail and submits.
  6. If you don't want to be there, it's easy to turn tail and go home ."
  7. We didn't turn tail, we faced it ."
  8. But analysts have fretted for years that fund buyers would turn tail if the market went south.
  9. At the first sign of trouble, an Israeli soldier says, the peacekeepers will turn tail and run.
  10. 12 . c, turn tail portion underneath
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