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  1. He has also directed twentieth century operas, including The Turn of the Screw.
  2. Will another turn of the screw keep the economy in trim or choke off recovery?
  3. The best crime dramas stay twisted right up to the final turn of the screw.
  4. Certainly, many operagoers are discovering " The Turn of the Screw " here.
  5. There's Henry James'short story " Turn of the Screw ."
  6. Critics were divided in their reviews of " The Turn of the Screw ".
  7. The film is based on Henry James'" The Turn of the Screw ."
  8. The imagery of " The Turn of the Screw " is reminiscent of gothic fiction.
  9. Yet sometimes just one turn of the screw can push the seemingly stale into realms of unsettling revelation.
  10. In addition to large-scale operas for The Turn of the Screw " ( 1954 ).
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