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  1. However, he and Molly later soulgaze and he is shown to be suffering, likely from the torture he endured in " Turn Coat ".
  2. Also in " Turn Coat ", it is stated that the Red King is an incredibly powerful vampire who has lived nearly four thousand years.
  3. At the end of " Turn Coat ", Butters took over as the " Game Master " for the role-playing Alphas after Kirby died.
  4. It is revealed in " Turn Coat " that Luccio was being manipulated using mind magic to keep tabs on Harry, which she did by dating him.
  5. She repeats the offer for Harry to join her in " Turn Coat " and when faced with death from the Council Harry seems to actually consider it.
  6. At the end of " Turn Coat ", it is discovered that he had been subtly altering the minds of the Senior Council and the Wardens to effect change.
  7. By the time of " Harry's day off " the Alphas are down to four members and lose one more in the events of " Turn Coat ".
  8. "Turn Coat " is a turning point of sorts for Thomas, who is kidnapped by a Native American skinwalker who attempts to bargain for Morgan using Thomas'life.
  9. According to " Turn Coat, " she is running the Paranet, an organization of magic practitioners whose talents are not strong enough to qualify them for membership in the White Council.
  10. As of " Turn Coat ", Harry has begun calling him Will instead of Billy, an acknowledgment of the maturity Will has gained since their meeting when Billy was a college student.
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