trodden in a sentence

trodden meaning in Hindi


  1. It's funny stuff, but such well-trodden territory.
  2. That he would be trodden underfoot was a matter of daily anxiety.
  3. Down-trodden, crowded, lawless, beautiful Naples.
  4. Well-trodden code paths are usually free of errors.
  5. Carlin has provided a well-trodden staircase to F1.
  6. But he still hesitated to deviate from the trodden path.
  7. That's well-trodden territory by now.
  8. His path was already a well-trodden one.
  9. The path was well-trodden, the farm believed clear of mines.
  10. If true, the tycoon would be following a well-trodden path.
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