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  1. Increased nuclear concentrations have been demonstrated via transfection assay to enhance cellular toxicity.
  2. While better known for the effort to transfection.
  3. Eight weeks after transfection, the plants can be screened for gene targeting via PCR.
  4. The second technique uses the transfection process.
  5. This is a quick and easy method for transfection, albeit a rather inefficient one.
  6. This enables transfection of molecular cargo attached to the CNT walls or encapsulated by CNTs.
  7. This method of transfection was invented by Dr . Yongliang Chu at Life Technologies, Inc.
  8. When overexpressed by transfection, NME3 suppressed granulocyte differentiation and induced apoptosis of myeloid precursor cells.
  9. Lipoplexes can also be formed from cationic liposomes and DNA solutions, to yield transfection agents.
  10. NP1 is a small non-structural protein that could induce apoptosis in transfection of HeLa cells.
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