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  1. There are lots of things plastic surgery can do, but medical science still cannot make it so that post-operative transexuals can have natural babies.
  2. The Transexual Menace continues to have periodic resurgences to protest both transgender hate-crimes and the marginalization and / or exclusion of transgender issues by the LGBT community.
  3. I was told once by someone who is usually knowledgable on such things that interest in transexuals who appear as women with penises is predominantly a fantasy of heterosexual males.
  4. At my Alma Mater, there is a room which holds an organization dedicated to gender equality, which includes lesbian / bi / transexual / etc rights and equality.
  5. Kbabej and his socks have frequented articles regarding LGBT issues, have edited a number of transexual and transgender articles, and have made many edits that involve something in the LGBT world.
  6. She also produced an underground comic of the same name which featured the antics of four pre-op transexuals, Kali Molotov, Sledgehammer Susan, Black Betty Afrikka, and CircularSaw Sally.
  7. Goatchick is the transexual, cross-dressing version of Goatboy, who's story is both disturbing and eye-gougingly good ( look it up while you're here ).
  8. The fact that a soap opera plot is affecting real world issues such as transexual marriage, as shown in sources 4 & 5, should indicate that the subject is notable in itself.
  9. For the first time in Japan, a court has permitted a transexual to change her officially registered gender from male to female after having had a sex-change operation, officials said Thursday.
  10. So, for instance, if I disclose my transexual background to someone in an official capacity and that person then goes off and blabs to somebody else-then that's a criminal offence ."
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