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  1. All five provincial and national roads that transect Metro meet in this area.
  2. The data from Line 90 is used in many transect figures and analyses.
  3. Massachusetts Route 183 transects the community north to south.
  4. The main power grid connecting the area transects the property along Highway 16.
  5. Part of the eastern border of Misty Fjords National Monument transects the range.
  6. The mountain plover has had its nests counted through the drive transect method.
  7. Exposed mineral soil covered only 0.3 % of the observed transect area.
  8. The transect perpendicular to the length of the trench images many distinct velocity layers.
  9. Orbiters then increase the number of radio transects.
  10. The laceration may completely transect the airway or it may go only partway around.
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