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  1. Therefore, ITAMs are involved in the facilitation of signal transduction.
  2. Normal cells often turn cancerous when signal transduction molecules become mutated.
  3. Further signal transduction depends on the type of G protein.
  4. Calmodulin is an example of a signal-transduction protein.
  5. These interactions promote cell adhesion and regulation of signal transduction.
  6. These three subtypes differ in localization, function and signal transduction mechanisms.
  7. TRAF3 may play a critical role in OX40-mediated signal transduction.
  8. In this way, transduction in peripheral chemoreceptor cells is relatively unique.
  9. These surface immunoglobulin ( sIg )-associated molecules facilitate signal transduction.
  10. The diagram above depicts the signal transduction pathway of the sweet taste.
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