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  1. Trade marks are registered in one or more of 45 classes.
  2. Some bear the false trade mark of Chinese-foreign joint ventures, the report said.
  3. Neither had its trade mark " Penneys " ever been used in Singapore.
  4. Some are also registered trade marks ( which cultivar names never are ).
  5. "Why would I want to trade Mark McGwire ? " he said, rhetorically.
  6. He developed a spin move which became his trade mark pass rush move.
  7. It's no longer a question of whether the A's should trade Mark McGwire.
  8. Dawson teaches property law and trade mark law, property law and legal history.
  9. Shaw's lawyers filed a writ Tuesday saying the Trade Mark Registry had erred.
  10. The term Investorgetic?has also been registered as a trade mark by Wahhab.
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