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  1. He was clinging to a device covered in towelling that had two fake nipples attached, apparently intended to serve as a surrogate mother.
  2. Kinsey immediately recognises the towelling used as padding as coming from the Westfall household, and Ramona jumps to the top of her suspect list.
  3. "They gave us a towelling in Christchurch ( 36-23 in March ) and now they're hitting their straps so well.
  4. Carpay developed his screenprinting business " Frank Carpay Designs Limited " and branched out into beach towels and beach wear printing onto white towelling.
  5. In the New year we have decided to go back to the old fashioned terry towelling nappies ( diapers ) to try to'save the planet '.
  6. An uncomfortable, damp traditional towelling nappy apparently hastens the transition for one reason or another . talk ) 11 : 48, 4 August 2014 ( UTC)
  7. :If you had to wash and dry poop-filled towelling diapers-you'd be pretty motivated to get your kid potty-trained as soon as possible!
  8. It is also acceptable to place the rinsed dishes in a drying rack on a plastic drainboard without towelling them . ( talk ) ] ] 15 : 50, 10 Nov 2004 ( UTC)
  9. Between 1860 and 1950 fustian cutting was Congleton's dominant industry and took over the empty spinning and throwing mills, though from 1930 to the late 1970s towelling and making up were important.
  10. "I have always felt able to express myself through clothes, " she explains, holding a white towelling backpack just big enough for the Monte Carlo essentials : a packet of Marlboro cigarettes, a Cartier lighter and a mobile phone.
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