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  1. So, despite the advantages of the self-propelled artillery, towed guns remain in the arsenals of many modern armies.
  2. The water-cooled 2A7 23mm guns of ZSU-23-4 fire the same ZU-23-2 towed gun.
  3. A major lesson learned from the Italian campaign was that the conversion to towed guns was not as advantageous as had been previously thought.
  4. The artillery regiments were also reorganised, one would now be equipped with self-propelled guns while the other would keep towed guns.
  5. Towed guns were also highly vulnerable to counterattack while on the move, especially since they were often hauled by horses or their own crews.
  6. The unnamed battery of four 155 mm M1918 towed guns on concrete Panama mounts was established in 1941 to quickly augment Charleston's harbor defenses.
  7. A US Army study of 39 tank destroyer battalions found that each destroyed, on average, 34 tanks, 17 towed guns, and 16 pillboxes.
  8. It was decided that the calibre would be 130 mm, since the mobile coastal artillery used towed guns of same calibre ( 130 K 54 ).
  9. The problems of how to employ a fixed or horse-towed gun in mobile warfare necessitated the development of new methods of transporting the artillery into combat.
  10. There were about 700 older United States 105 mm and 155 mm towed guns and domestically produced models such as the M-65 in the artillery regiments.
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