tonsil in a sentence

pronunciation: [ [ 'tɔnsil ] ]
tonsil meaning in Hindi


  1. They removed the tonsil, and the cancer was diagnosed Tuesday morning.
  2. The cancer was discovered during surgery to remove Butler's tonsils.
  3. Pardon me while I get the mucus out from under my tonsils.
  4. Doctors say Gloria Bell's tonsil cancer is gone.
  5. I was about up to my tonsils in crepes and fancy sauces.
  6. The guy laughs so hard his tonsils touch his teeth.
  7. The idea is to shrink the tonsils rather than cut them out.
  8. Sleep apnea in children is caused primarily by large tonsils and adenoids.
  9. During surgery to remove the tonsils, doctors found the cancerous tumor.
  10. Collinge also reported progress with a potential tonsil biopsy test.
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