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  1. There are plans to relocate the entire city of Branquinha, one of the most damaged cities in Alagoas, to a higher place near the main highways.
  2. While Jordan tried to tutor his Arkansas friends in the ways of Washington, he himself was ascending to a higher place in the city's legal firmament.
  3. Following her triumphant comeback, she became one of the first gospel artists to sign with Columbia Records when she released " To A Higher Place " in 1994.
  4. Cast in those universal human terms, the movement offered a transcendent message that changed hearts and minds about black people, that race did not matter, and lifted us all to a higher place.
  5. Or, more enthralling, he may rise to a higher place by using his angelic wings, which he beats with a whoosh-whoosh sound and which grow more powerful as the game progresses.
  6. John DiBiase, indicating in a three and a half star review by Jesus Freak Hideout, describes, " A good debut with joyful worship tunes to take the listener to a higher place ".
  7. This elevated the band to a higher place in the elite black metal scene of Norway and the band finally had a line-up which could last and made the band even more promising than before.
  8. Guitars and keyboards are mixed in with enough energy to carry things along nicely, and sometimes _ such as Walker's licks in " Show Your Glory " _ they lead the way to a higher place.
  9. Gospel-r & AMP; b chanteuse Tremaine Hawkins, a contender for the Best Contemporary Soul Gospel Album honor for " To a Higher Place, " said she plans to wear a fashionable tuxedo suit to the Shrine tonight.
  10. During the close season, Hughes signed striker Craig Bellamy, who had played for Hughes with Wales, from Newcastle, in the hope that the Tyneside club's out-of-favour striker could fire Rovers to a higher place next season.
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