tizzies in a sentence

tizzies meaning in Hindi


  1. Advocates of gun control have been thrown into a tizzy.
  2. Delays usually send TCU coach Billy Tubbs into a tizzy.
  3. What got us in a tizzy was the family-entertainment thing,
  4. The financial markets have been in a tizzy ever since.
  5. It has the media elite's insular fraternity in a tizzy.
  6. The other secretaries were in a tizzy and running around the office.
  7. Dribble penetration and layups drive Indiana Coach Mike Davis into a tizzy.
  8. "He's doing a tizzy right now,"
  9. Raner agreed, sending Arizona election administrators into a tizzy.
  10. His discovery has sent the coin-collecting world into a tizzy.
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