tiebreak in a sentence

tiebreak meaning in Hindi


  1. Petrova and Davenport traded games until they reached the tiebreak.
  2. The fourth-set tiebreak contained moments suitable for freeze-framing.
  3. But he gave me a couple of second serves in the tiebreak.
  4. Edberg controlled the tiebreak to win the first set in 45 minutes.
  5. Testud seemed to regain her form in the third-set tiebreak.
  6. I was a little bit nervous going into the tiebreak.
  7. Both players held serve and Arias took the tiebreak 7-4.
  8. He went on to win the tiebreak 7-5.
  9. Still, Tillstrom prevailed by taking a tight tiebreak 9-7.
  10. In the tiebreak, they went with service until 4-0.
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