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  1. It's not tiddlywinks out there.
  2. "I wasn't playing tiddlywinks; I was driving in Formula One.
  3. Harvard's Gargoyle Undergraduate Tiddlywinks Society ( GUTS ) dominated winks in this era.
  4. For anyone with Tiddlywinks expertise, the Draft in question is Draft : Patrick Barrie.
  5. rugby, to chess and tiddlywinks.
  6. Schottenheimer said, " then you should have gotten into coaching a tiddlywinks team ."
  7. All in all, tiddlywinks goes beyond the purely cerebral nature of a game such as chess.
  8. I mean this is a place where tiddlywinks would get a dozen pages and a hundred links.
  9. I'm not a proponent of fringe science, medicine or tiddlywinks, for that matter.
  10. MIT and Cornell played in NATwA's tiddlywinks tournaments starting in February 1967, and became dominant.
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