tidbits in a sentence

tidbits meaning in Hindi


  1. It offers memorable tidbits from David " Baywatch"
  2. Is the 24-years-later tidbit about the divorce newsworthy?
  3. These interesting tidbits will make for scintillating dinner party conversation.
  4. Here are some of the newsletter's recent tidbits:
  5. Along with the recipes are tidbits of history and some old photos.
  6. But that little tidbit didn't faze defense attorney Walter Prince.
  7. Even her tidbits about other members of the royal family seem lame.
  8. A friend relates this tidbit overheard on the East Side:
  9. Sara is a big source of treasured tidbits right now.
  10. But some of the most interesting tidbits aren't as official.
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