throbbing in a sentence

pronunciation: [ [ 'θrɔbiŋ ] ]
throbbing meaning in Hindi


  1. It was completely stunning, an entire ballpark throbbing in near disbelief.
  2. O'Brien and The Music all seem pleased with the throbbing.
  3. Prominent early industrial musicians include Throbbing Gristle, Einsturzende Neubaten.
  4. It is a polarized collection of ballads and throbbing rockers.
  5. The razor does not slit open the Soviet's throbbing carotid.
  6. There is a throbbing night life centered on the casino.
  7. A throbbing crowd had been cheering the racers on.
  8. If his surgically repaired wrist was bothering him, his pride was throbbing.
  9. Yet a book may attain throbbing new life when opened after however long.
  10. Lull Michael to a dull throbbing sensation and it will be over soon.
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