throbbing in a sentence

pronunciation: [ [ 'θrɔbiŋ ] ]
throbbing meaning in Hindi


  1. No Straussian gentility here, but rather throbbing, mesmerizing sound.
  2. Haul those groceries with a throbbing V8 that produces 340 horsepower.
  3. It wasn't Belichick's hip that was throbbing.
  4. Gradually, the throbbing fades and it's all right.
  5. But the throbbing beat isn't coming from the discos.
  6. He remembers St . Louis as a city throbbing with life.
  7. "My toe is throbbing, " he said.
  8. Campbell said, keeping Blair's chronic Iraq headache throbbing.
  9. Nathdwara has a small, but throbbing township around the temple.
  10. Think captivating vocal, throbbing bassline and an ear piercing synth.
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