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  1. A unique characteristic of olfaction is its independence from the thalamus.
  2. Neurons display, beyond cortical inhibitory interneurons and in thalamus neurons.
  3. The olfactory bulb has been said to be the olfactory thalamus.
  4. The thalamus and the cortex are thus connected in a special way.
  5. The thalamus then sends signals to the visual cortex for full analysis.
  6. This meant that blood flow to the thalamus had increased.
  7. The thalamus is usually thought of as a relay station.
  8. The thalamus comprises a system of fibers ) separating different thalamic subparts.
  9. The thalamus is connected to the cerebral cortex via the thalamocortical radiations.
  10. The thalamus is known as the " gateway to the cortex ".
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