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  1. France sought a five-year reprieve, Britain also spoke in terms of years.
  2. The perpetuities period under the common law rule is not a fixed term of years.
  3. In terms of years of life lost to cancer, melanoma ranks second only to adult leukemia.
  4. "It's very unusual to be measuring a survival advantage in terms of years.
  5. The Danakil Depression is the hottest place on Earth in terms of year-round average temperatures.
  6. The lease for a term of years was negotiated by Gaines, Van Nostrand & Morrison, Inc.
  7. "The church doesn't think in terms of years or decades, but of centuries,"
  8. The House of Lords has the power to fine as well as to order imprisonment for a term of years.
  9. Inuit culture is an example in which birthdays are not celebrated because maturity is not signified in terms of years.
  10. Buchanan called for federal judges to be appointed to a " term of years rather than for life ."
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