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  1. Six telephone circuits were needed to send the audio part of the program to New York.
  2. This basic telephone circuit was known as a Buzzer, or more commonly, a Condenser Telephone Circuit.
  3. Simon also can be attached to regular wired telephone circuits to transmit and receive electronic messages.
  4. The biggest problem was the ` Mothers'Day phenomenon " of telephone circuits being overloaded, he said.
  5. However no cable connection existed until TAT-1 was inaugurated on September 25, 1956 providing 36 telephone circuits.
  6. The Linenger's found themselves yelling over static, when they attempted to speak over a Russian telephone circuit.
  7. Telephone circuits were jammed with calls.
  8. By late 1986 fiber optic communications technology was being employed to relieve the strain on existing telephone circuits.
  9. When U . S . Army scouts and foreign journalists arrived, the area had just six international telephone circuits.
  10. Leased telephone circuits carried program and control signals to the distant transmitter, and metering signals back to the studios.
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