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  1. TR6C models had a smaller teardrop tank without the parcel grid.
  2. Hebrus Valles has tributaries, terraces, and teardrop shaped islands.
  3. Titled Teardrop, the single will be released on February 6.
  4. Three of them, " Lonely Teardrops,"
  5. "Teardrops Will Fall " offers loose-jointed fun.
  6. All the lamps with chains and teardrop crystals would tinkle.
  7. Or as quiet as a teardrop Earnhardt swears didn't exist.
  8. But Teardrop thinks it can sidestep Callaway's problems.
  9. Slash this teardrop from the point to the middle of the roll.
  10. "They're soft, like a teardrop,"
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