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  1. TAX-SHELTERS ( Dateline TK ) _ New developments regarding tax shelters.
  2. Compaq itself agreed that the ruling narrows the definition of prohibited tax shelters.
  3. The Treasury Department and IRS also are pursuing corporate tax shelters.
  4. The government on Monday issued new rules to discourage abusive corporate tax shelters.
  5. The Finance Committee adopted a crackdown on tax shelters last week.
  6. It really drove a stake through the heart of tax shelters,
  7. Also, tax shelters bloomed, social programs were attacked, and deficits soared.
  8. Goldberg says California also has removed some tax shelters that benefit the rich.
  9. Promoters of tax shelters are eager to play because of the dazzling payoff.
  10. The agreement announced Thursday covers all tax shelters sold by PricewaterhouseCoopers since 1995.
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