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  1. And it is an abuse of the principle that corporations, like individuals, should contribute their fair tax share to national defense and other essential government functions.
  2. Many experts say the reason the overall tax share of the economy has risen is money collected from high-income people, especially capital gains taxes on investments.
  3. Many of these plans call for diverting a larger share of the 12 . 4 percent payroll tax shared by workers and employers to the private accounts.
  4. The county relied on language in a sales tax sharing agreement called the Morin-Ryan Act that required sales tax be distributed by formula based on what the county actually received.
  5. This fund is a mixture coming from many sources including charitable donations and tax dollars collected by the tribe in a tax sharing agreement with the state of South Dakota.
  6. Before the Valencia Marketplace or Stevenson Ranch could be annexed to the city of Santa Clarita, the county and city would need to agree on a property tax sharing plan.
  7. Burbank-based Disney does not stand to make much money initially from " Mulan " since the company's after-tax share of revenues is estimated to be 25 percent of box office receipts.
  8. In Washington State, pending legislation would pay $ 250 a week for five weeks to employees taking family or medical leave, financed by a 2-cent-per-hour payroll tax shared by workers and employers.
  9. Before reforming China's tax system he went in person to each province in China to sell a new " tax sharing " idea modeled on the U . S . federal tax system.
  10. Over the last 20 years, the corporate tax share of the state budget has fallen from 14.4 to 9.2 percent, while the share paid by workers has shot up to 48 from 34 percent.
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