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  1. And Bush's tax rebates are a classic Keynesian anti-recession maneuver.
  2. Until Tuesday, most tax rebate debate was in the Senate.
  3. The first wave of nearly 8 million tax rebates were mailed out last Friday_
  4. Senate Democrats are still weighing two ways of doling out the sales tax rebate.
  5. France bowed to some trucker demands and granted tax rebates.
  6. Results were boosted by a 55 million yuan tax rebate.
  7. The ( summertime ) tax rebate was a slow process.
  8. Exempt users were required to pay the excise and reimbursed through a tax rebate.
  9. Spend your tax rebate and help spur national prosperity.
  10. Tax rebates had done little to stimulate consumer spending.
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