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  1. The second lowest port on the Taw is Fremington.
  2. TAW conducts experiments, knowledge sharing and matchmaking events.
  3. Ames may also have betrayed the TAW operation.
  4. When Tweety Bird says, " I tought I taw _ I did!
  5. Taws and teammate Louis-Phillipe Dumoulin raced Sunday in Trois Rivieres, Quebec.
  6. Many Scottish saddlers made tawses for local schoolmasters.
  7. On 13 November 1973, the 374th TAW was reassigned to Clark AB Philippines.
  8. This is Nay Pyi Taw FC's first foray in Asian level competition.
  9. Taw has said on IRC that he is not going to compromise on this.
  10. As of 2015 over 100 acting and theatre workshops have been organised by TAW.
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