talk big in a sentence

talk big meaning in Hindi


  1. They think the fans are suckers who talk big but in the end always come back.
  2. "They've been talking big about Mayorga, but maybe they should now talk big about me ."
  3. "I'm getting ready to sprout my wings, " she said, quickly adding : " I talk big.
  4. Back home, Texans like to talk big.
  5. At least after Sunday's opener, the Rockets could talk big about how they gave that one-point loss away.
  6. You want to talk big plays?
  7. Lee and I, most anytime I'm in Atlanta, come together to eat hearty, talk big and drink responsibly.
  8. Otherwise you may talk big, "'
  9. And when writer's block strikes, you can usually find somebody at the next table to talk Big Ten football.
  10. King believes it's all baloney, just another way for Lewis's people to talk big but carry a small stick.
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