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  1. The southern summit of the mountain has an abandoned triangulation station with a collapsed radio tower, while the top of the mountain has a trig tower for taking bearings and measurements.
  2. Where sound ranging is a time-of-arrival technique not dissimilar to that of modern multistatic sensors, flash spotting used optical instruments to take bearings on the flash from accurately surveyed observation posts.
  3. There was a large, open position in the nose for an observer / bombardier, provided with a pair of machine guns on a flexible mount, who could also take bearings and provide signals.
  4. The built-in compass is magnetic and also works independently of the GPS . Unlike GPS devices with electronic compasses, the magnetic compass still works even if the unit is not receiving satellite signals, and it can also take bearings when the unit is off ( to save battery life ).
  5. However, when they restarted their work in England, given the status of Sca Fell as an essential surveying station ( taking bearings of Slieve Donard and Snowdon, thereby helping to fix the relative positions of Ireland and England ), the familiarity with this mountain probably meant that the " Name Book " procedures were overlooked.
  6. At the same time, Master Commandant Oliver Hazard Perry of the United States Navy, who had arrived from Lake Erie to request sailors and supplies for his squadron and was temporarily serving as one of Chauncey's senior officers, reconnoitred the landing sites at the mouth of the Niagara River, taking bearings and placing marker buoys.
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