tailwind in a sentence

pronunciation: [ [ 'teilˌwind ] ]
tailwind meaning in Hindi


  1. And national security adviser ` CoOdoleezza Rice should catch his tailwind.
  2. A strong tailwind helped the racers for the first 20 miles.
  3. Tailwind Sports Corporation of San Francisco owns Armstrong's team.
  4. A somewhat less obvious effect is caused by head or tailwinds.
  5. A tailwind increases takeoff distance required and decreases the climb gradient.
  6. There was a tailwind at the time of the attempted landing.
  7. When in the business cycle do Republicans start getting a tailwind?
  8. -- A 5-mph tailwind adds 15 feet.
  9. Having these winglets is the equivalent of a 35-knot tailwind.
  10. Those funds are acting as a tailwind for Japanese stocks.
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