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  1. :: : It seems strange that this observgation would imply a new number category for nouns nouns that are singular except in tag questions, when they are plural.
  2. Does anyone know how to extract the tag question'eh'or the interjections'eh'( hey ! hi ! ) in phonetic realization ?-talk ) 00 : 10, 20 June 2010 ( UTC)
  3. "Mustn't " can nonetheless be used as a simple negative of " must " in tag questions and other questions expressing doubt : " We must do it, mustn't we?
  4. What does it tell us about the pluralness of the subjects of these sentences, if we conjugate the main clause in the singular but the tag question in the plural?
  5. The phrase is known to lexicographers as a tag question, like the won't you ? after " sit down " or the isn't it ? after " today's a scorcher ."
  6. :Halcatalyst-- do you mean that " or not " at the end of a sentence becomes like a Tag question ?-- talk ) 01 : 05, 20 July 2014 ( UTC)
  7. Note that the tag question in Georgian does not include any of the three recognized negative particles ( see subsection, " Negation " ); the particle " xom " by itself conveys the meaning.
  8. However, negative face politeness can be potentially viewed as weak language because of its associated hedges and tag questions, a view propounded by O'Barr and Atkins ( 1980 ) in their work on courtroom interaction.
  9. In some West Country dialects, the pronoun " er " can be used in place of either " he " or " she ", although only in weak ( unstressed ) positions such as in tag questions.
  10. Moreover, other aspects of utterances found in spoken languages are non-fluency features including : voiced / un-voiced pauses ( like " umm " ), tag questions, and false starts when someone begins their utterances again to correct themselves.
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