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  1. Despite Putin's taciturnity, Russians and foreigners alike still place hope in him to fix the economy.
  2. L ( ? $ M 5 ) means  silence, taciturnity, silence of the mind  as in.
  3. His frugality sanctified an age of waste, his simplicity an age of luxury, his taciturnity an age of ballyhoo,
  4. Patricia Clarkson's farm wife, sparing of speech but utterly tenacious, is sympathetic in her taciturnity and understandable jumpiness.
  5. "The earlier traditions of modesty, humility and taciturnity took on aspects of suspicion, secrecy and duplicity, " he writes.
  6. DiMaggio, whether because of his natural taciturnity or a shrewdness about his image, has projected an aura of mystery simply by saying almost nothing publicly.
  7. O'Neall went on to say that " McDuffie was in youth, manhood and old age, a remarkable man for his taciturnity and reserve.
  8. Unknown to anyone else at this point & mdash; although Watson infers it from his friend's taciturnity & mdash; Holmes knows what is going on.
  9. Substitute " inarticulateness " for " taciturnity " and George W . may be the moral cheerleader our own, much different age of luxury demands.
  10. Peter Fonda's aging Florida beekeeper, armored in taciturnity, menaced by a couple of thugs who landed his son in jail, kicks a handgun into a swamp.
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