t scale in a sentence

t scale meaning in Hindi


  1. Gov't Scales Down $ 2-B Rail Project, BUSINESS DAILY
  2. "We didn't scale up or down what we spent because of this partial loan repayment,"
  3. Some of what worked well for a more informal small project doesn t scale up well.
  4. Spider-Man isn't scaling the Great Wall just yet.
  5. And women aren't scaling down to just one.
  6. In failing health for some time, Charles hadn't scaled the top of the charts in years.
  7. "And the current infrastructure can't scale up ."
  8. The problem, as you are no doubt well aware by now, is that you don't scale.
  9. This is not sustainable and won't scale.
  10. The current icon doesn't scale well ( The outline's too heavy and it's a little fuzzy ).
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