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  1. Later, a manufacturing plant was built, where production of several medical products began, mainly surgical sutures.
  2. Grigoryants is also credited with developing a method of musculo-aponeurotic surgical suture on the Abdominal cavity
  3. Human cells are seeded on a three-dimensional, biocompatible and biodegradable scaffolding built from ordinary surgical suture material.
  4. The Burch modifications involved placing the surgical sutures at the bladder neck and tying them to the pectineal ligament.
  5. Gore's products include Glide brand dental floss, air filters, synthetic blood vessels, surgical sutures and patches for soft-tissue reconstruction.
  6. "' Catgut suture "'is a type of surgical suture that is naturally degraded by the body's own proteolytic enzymes.
  7. After World War II, Ethicon s market share in surgical sutures rose from 15 % to 70 % worldwide.
  8. For the Berlin museum, Libeskind's floor plans incorporated shapes that evoke lightning bolts, surgical sutures and the Star of David.
  9. A special manufacturing process removes the outer irritant sericin coating of the silk, which makes it suitable as non-absorbable surgical sutures.
  10. It started out making tennis racket strings, violin strings, and surgical sutures but soon expanded into baseball shoes and tennis racquets.
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