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  1. In modern usage, it is more common to discuss the surface anatomy in terms of nearby structures such as the inguinal ligament or iliac crest.
  2. The teeth at highest risk for carious lesions are the permanent first and second molars due to length of time in oral cavity and presence of complex surface anatomy.
  3. Superficial anatomy or surface anatomy is important in human anatomy being the study of anatomical landmarks that can be readily identified from the contours or other reference points on the surface of the body.
  4. Gross anatomy is the study of structures large enough to be seen with the naked eye, and also includes superficial anatomy or surface anatomy, the study by sight of the external body features.
  5. The show features public anatomy demonstrations with the use of real human cadavers and live nude models ( for Surface Anatomy and Surface Markings ), carried out at Gunther von Hagens'" Institute for Plastination " in Heidelberg, Germany.
  6. In particular, in the case of "'human surface anatomy "', these are the form and proportions of the human body and the surface landmarks which correspond to deeper structures hidden from view, both in static pose and in motion.
  7. In 2013 he and Jeff Meldrum co-authored three papers in Meldrum's online magazine, " Relict Hominoid Inquiry " . ( 1 ) " Surface Anatomy and Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue Features in the Analysis of the Patterson-Gimlin Film Hominid, " " Relict Hominoid Inquiry " 2 : 1 21 ( 2013 ), online at : http : / / www . isu . edu / rhi / pdf / Munns-% 20Meldrum % 20Final % 20draft . pdf
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