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  1. The eggs are spawned in the surf zone and tend to drift northwards with the sea current.
  2. And the waves also decrease the visibility in the surf zone, where these small sharks are feeding.
  3. The Heal the Bay verdict is based on daily and weekly bacterial indicators in public surf zones.
  4. Juveniles often enter the surf zone of beaches, mixing with juveniles from other species of " Sillago ".
  5. It is found between the surf zone and depths of or more and also enters estuaries and lagoons.
  6. It can also be found over bare substrates at the ocean floor and in tide pools and surf zones.
  7. It is found close to the coast, from the surf zone to a depth of, and has benthic habits.
  8. Examples of this environment are river deltas, swamps and marshes, coral reefs, beach tidal areas and the surf zone.
  9. The species is known to inhabit surf zones and to congregate around coastal lakes, particularly during February and March.
  10. It employs a hybrid navigation system that allows it to operate in both shallow surf zones and in deeper waters.
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