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  1. The sweet succulence of flesh on flesh!
  2. The steady rotation bastes the meat internally and externally, producing exceptional moistness and succulence.
  3. Cod is a rich, sturdy fish, and pancetta adds just the right succulence.
  4. The bigheaded lingcod, an ugly fish nevertheless renowned for its succulence, is at 15 percent.
  5. It was impressive how much flavor and succulence the cooks managed to eke out of such pure ingredients.
  6. Smoking produces a bird of incomparable succulence, especially when combined with another traditional American barbecue technique, brining.
  7. Touch and sight are also important in relation to specific plant characteristics, such as succulence and growth form.
  8. In a comeuppance whose succulence Haden-Guest barely savors, Rubell and Schrager went to prison for a year.
  9. The fish is extremely meaty, with firm snowy flesh of uncommonly satiny succulence and a sweet, mild flavor.
  10. It's certainly worth the effort, for nothing adds flavor and succulence to meat like this traditional American method.
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