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  1. For both these scenarios the mass based succinic acid yield is 1.12 g / g.
  2. The metabolic pathway can be genetically engineered in order to have succinic acid as the only excretion product.
  3. The technology involves the vapor phase hydrogenation of succinic acid into the BDO and tetrahydrofuran ( THF ).
  4. The first step in that route converts MA to succinic acid; thus succinic is an alternative feedstock.
  5. Baltic amber is distinguished by its yield of succinic acid, hence the name " succinite ".
  6. Succinic acid may not be an original component of amber, but rather a degradation product of abietic acid.
  7. Zafatek is administered in the form trelagliptin succinate in a 1 : 1 mixture of trelagliptin and succinic acid.
  8. The final products after successive oxidations include succinic acid, which can enter the citric acid cycle, and adipic acid.
  9. The succinic semialdehyde can be converted into either succinic acid by SSADH or to GHB by the enzyme succinic semialdehyde reductase.
  10. GABA is metabolized by successive transamination and oxidation to yield succinic semialdehyde and succinic acid respectively via the catalyzing effects of GABA transaminase.
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