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subsisted meaning in Hindi


  1. They were peaceful farmers who subsisted well with their neighbors.
  2. People subsisted on roots, berries and vegetables eked from hardscrabble hillside plots.
  3. Neither worked, and the family subsisted on welfare.
  4. Half the 8 million Irish folk of 1842 subsisted on potatoes and buttermilk.
  5. Languid and thin, Pham said he subsisted for a time on nothing.
  6. The few local families subsisted on fishing and farming.
  7. The trapped residents have subsisted on maize flour and live in flimsy shelters.
  8. We've subsisted on rumour for so long.
  9. The Parthian empire subsisted for five centuries, longer than most Eastern Empires.
  10. These ovens would be used to bake the bread the populace subsisted on.
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