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  1. Double stringing demands higher tensions, between 21 and 27 kilos.
  2. Now you're ready to begin stringing the lights.
  3. Stringing hits together . . . ( his voice trailed off ).
  4. Ruining manicures by stringing popcorn and cranberry garlands like Laura Ingalls Wilder?
  5. Scoring was about constructing a play, stringing passes together.
  6. Wells righted himself, stringing together three scoreless innings after the fifth.
  7. Next, they take on the task of stringing the lollipop tree.
  8. We felt they lost some focus and had trouble stringing passes together.
  9. The Mets are capable of stringing together eight hits in a row.
  10. Stringing cable is the expensive part of the process, Ianna said.
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