straightway in a sentence

pronunciation: [ [ 'streitwei ] ]
straightway meaning in Hindi


  1. Four holes later, Nicklaus got his final birdie with a straightway 7-foot putt.
  2. Straightway responded to this by compiling a document to clarify fundamental issues about Islam and homosexuality.
  3. So she straightway summoned them all to Byzantium and made an investigation of the report ."
  4. A streaker leapt onto the road on the final straightway but was quickly taken away by police.
  5. Straightway " a raging mob of gentiles " boarded the ship and placed Julia on the shore.
  6. One of the new dioceses had its seat in the abbey of Dol and became straightway an archdiocese.
  7. Columba then took the pail of milk and blessed it, and the milk straightway turned into blood.
  8. And straightway it was supposed by all that he had died, but no one dared mention or recall him.
  9. Burton entered pit road on the front straightway in the lead, but Martin was first driver out of the pits.
  10. Straightway there was thunder and a great rain, which eventually fell for 5 days, and plentifully bedewed the Empire.
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