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  1. Once ready, the artisans examine the smoothness, straightness, and measure the dried hollow tube.
  2. This largely accounts for the remarkable straightness of the R392 compared to other Regional roads in the area.
  3. So does Shirley Knight as the hustler's mother, whose straightness makes her an object of contempt.
  4. Most importantly, you must examine every board you look at in terms of figure, color and straightness.
  5. If an engine is subjected to excessive RPM or sudden stoppage, all valves should be inspected for straightness.
  6. Donovan's research in the field of Fahgology has earned him nominations for the Noble Prize in Straightness.
  7. Many people at this point extend to the point of a hyperextension and curve their backs beyond typical straightness.
  8. Hold a long metal ruler against the tracks to check for straightness and make sure all sections are in line.
  9. As seen in Fig . 13, fringe deviations from straightness and equal spacing provide a measure of the aberration.
  10. Using methods such as a rotating tool and counter-rotating workpiece are common techniques to achieve required straightness tolerances.
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