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  1. Likewise, spirit levels will always be parallel to the geoid.
  2. The device serves the same purpose as a spirit level.
  3. The company is Israel's sole manufacturer of spirit levels.
  4. An engineer's precision level permits leveling items to greater accuracy than a plain spirit level.
  5. A sensitive spirit level, designed to rest on the pivots of the axis, performed this function.
  6. The DVD is distributed by Spirit Level Film.
  7. Move the index arm so that the index's spirit level shows the arm is precisely horizontal.
  8. There are two spirit levels on the shield.
  9. Wagemark's founding in 2013 was further motivated by The Spirit Level, which was published in 2009.
  10. The archway is composed of oversized tools, including a try square, spirit level, and carpenter pencil.
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