spaciousness in a sentence

spaciousness meaning in Hindi


  1. Massive Attack likes a sense of spaciousness.
  2. The building is set in a landscape that gives a sense of spaciousness and welcome.
  3. After a tour, Ms . Rosado said she was impressed with Kensico's spaciousness.
  4. One-and two-bedroom suites can sleep as many as five in relative spaciousness.
  5. The plane also features unusual bulkheads at the first row that create a sense of spaciousness.
  6. In his early works Zaritsky divided his works into areas that created the feeling of spaciousness.
  7. Like the Havilands, other passengers gave the terminal favorable ratings for its abundant brightness and spaciousness.
  8. The crunch is the result of an unpleasant trade-off : Handicapped accessibility vs . spaciousness.
  9. The sense of spaciousness and Old World elegance extends to the 38 guest rooms and two suites.
  10. Six people travel in absolute spaciousness, and eight can travel in fine comfort in the Navigator.
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