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  1. Please would somebody go through this vast list correcting the consistent solecism concerning baronets and knights.
  2. Time once again for the coveted Bloopie Awards, recognition of Madison Avenue solecisms that sends thrills of
  3. The Latin epistle contains many solecisms which originated with an author who lacked proficiency with Latin and Greek.
  4. Thank you, Jack, for pointing out my grammatical solecism, which I am happy to have corrected!
  5. It's a linguistic term analagous to a solecism, which no one seems to be wanting to delete.
  6. It's worth pointing out that the idea of a " British accent " is something of a solecism.
  7. And because coveted is most often married to any award, why not the covetedBloopie Awards for solecisms in advertising copy?
  8. The film follows Borat in his travels across the United States, as he commits cultural solecisms and exposes a few American ones.
  9. Urban graffiti, which include literary quotations, and low-quality inscriptions with misspellings and solecisms indicate casual literacy among non-elites.
  10. We begin the award of this year's coveted Bloopie Awards _ for outstandingly sloppy solecisms in advertising copy _ by holding our noses.
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