soften up in a sentence

soften up meaning in Hindi


  1. Forbes's ads, however, helped soften up Dole for his top rivals.
  2. It softens up the greens, it softens up the golf course.
  3. Unless one softens up on the throttle, there will be hell to pay.
  4. Perhaps they were just kind words from Jordan, meant to soften up another foe.
  5. Guimaraes said he appealed to Gomez to help soften up Greek referee Kyros Vassaras.
  6. Lipson thinks their barbs are intended to soften up the magazine for eventual sale.
  7. You get in and soften up the muscles and break up the hardened area.
  8. It softens up a little and Troy starts pecking away.
  9. And it allows you to play relaxed because the defense softens up a bit.
  10. It has even cut its prices in hard-strapped areas to soften up the voters.
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